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Pennsic is an annual event, in the guise of a “War”, between the Kingdoms of the East and the Middle of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Pennsic is also the largest Society event, with attendance in recent years exceeding 10,000. The scheduled activities include large melee battles, tournaments, archery, stage performances, dancing, and hundreds of classes on medieval topics. The marketplace has over 200 merchants selling a variety of wares.

Mail-in Registration Form

What's new for Pennsic 51?

Rate Increases

There is a discount at the gate for SCA members and a discount for paid preregistrations.

Not sure what you'll pay at the gate? Check out our Troll Fees Calculator

Pennsic preregistrations will no longer be accepted at Aethelmearc. Please register online or mail-in.

Troll Hours Reduced

Please double-check your arrival times because troll opens at 8am and troll closes at 10pm on most days. Troll is no longer open Thursday at midnight for the price drop to one week. Troll closes on the last Wednesday 8/7. Check the Troll page for details.

Troll will be OPEN during the following hours:

Pennsic RV Camping

The RV site map has changed. You can view the updated map on the RV Camping page.

Storage Trailer Movement

There is a fee for us to move your trailer. This fee covers moving your trailer down and back two times for a total of four transports. We will not move your trailer more than four times. Please feel free to move your own trailer if you desire to do so.

There is a discount if you sign-up for Pennsic Trailer Early Placement (PTEP) versus requesting a move in the War Room.

Sign up to have your trailer pulled on to your site before you arrive at Pennsic by signing into your Storage account and going to the 'Pennsic trailer early placement' tab. Make sure to leave an entrance/exit path to move the trailer on/off your site. There is no guarantee your trailer will be pulled on to your site early.

Important Dates

Registration Begins
Registration Ends (Mail-in)
Registration Ends (Online - Paid)
Registration Ends (Online - Unpaid)
Pennsic Begins
Pennsic Ends
Troll Opens
Troll Closes
Refund Request Ends
RV Camping Registration Ends
Pennsic Trailer Early Placement Sign-up Ends

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