Greetings people of Armistice

I’m going to be doing my best to explain how we’ll get all of you a place to camp.

First a definition "Camp Coordinator" the Camp Coordinator is responsible for filling out the form that will allow you to get your group registered with the Land Team for Armistice. Groups from 1 camper to 1000 campers all need to pick a person to be their Coordinator.

What do you need to be the CC (Camp Coordinator)?

  1. You need to be able to be at Land Grab for Armistice (or negotiate the other CC on your assigned Block ahead of time to be pre-approved).
  2. Have an email account that you regularly check...daily.
  3. The willingness and ability to negotiate with the other CCs on your block.

That’s it and if you have questions, please feel free to email me at

Signing up to be a Camp Coordinator

Only ONE person in your camp can be the Camp Coordinator for your camp's group name.

To become the Camp Coordinator for your camp, complete and submit this Google Docs form: Camp Coordinator Form

This lets me know how to contact you, and what block you prefer to camp on.

If you don’t see your camp name listed, please email me and I’ll add it to this list and to the registration for Armistice. You may have to log back into the Armistice website if you picked singles camping and edit your camp.

Allocating Land to your Camp (Armistice Registration)

If you have never used the registration before this whole process will be new to you, for those that have used the registration before it’s almost identical.

Go to the Armistice Registration Page at

Fill in all the required information and select your camp name. That lets Cooper's staff and me know what group you want to camp with. If you don’t see the camp or it’s a new camp, please email me, and I’ll add your new camp name to the list for Camp Coordinator and have registration do the same.

You can change the camp you want to camp for as long as Registration is open.

Pay for your registration and you’ll have a camping space saved for your registration (250 Sq Ft of Land Minimum).

Becoming Pre-Approved for Land Grab

My goal is to have as little contact with each other as possible and encourage social distancing.

To achieve this goal, I am going to allow every block to work out with its neighbors via email the block maps. This will allow people to come in throughout the day to grab the Camping Approved form for your camp.

To this end as soon as registration closes my team, and I will start working on allocating land for each block, an email with all the camp coordinators emails will be sent with a block map and the amount of free space left on your block.

It is then the responsibility of the Camp Coordinators to work with each other to figure out where on the block you wish to camp. If you all agree then I’ll need an email chain with a copy of the Block map and each camp coordinator saying I agree / yes, this works etc.

The email will have to be from the email you registered with as Camp Coordinator. If a different email is used, the email will be returned unapproved and the block email will need to start again. All CCs should help each other to prevent this from happening.

These Maps are the Final approval for every one on the block, and will be used to arbitrate any issues with Land allotment.

Important Links

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