Plague has ravaged the land and the Kingdoms have retreated, no longer able to continue the war that has raged for years. A temporary truce has been negotiated allowing all factions a chance to regroup and recover. The land is still a dark place. Merchants and the populace go hungry. Many supplies are hard to come by. People have not seen their families or friends for a long time as they hid themselves away from danger.

But there is hope! Apothecaries have finally begun to treat the populace and get the sickness that has hounded us all under control. It is a time of recovery for all sides and peace reigns, but for how long? It is a time of Armistice!

This event will take the place of the SCA’s traditional Pennsic war for 2021 which has been regretfully postponed for another year. This will be a form of Period event in the fashion of Pennsic and it is our hope to create it with as much of the feel of that event as possible.

This will not be an SCA event but a Cooper event this year with the expectation that we can work with the SCA to transition back to a more traditional Pennsic war in 2022.

It is our intent to use a lot of the same processes that past attendees are familiar with such as Landgrab, Site Merchants and Food Vendors. Layout of the site will be roughly the same as in the past with facilities and camp locations where they have been in the past. The traditional road system will be used. We expect to have available list fields, an archery and thrown weapons range that individual groups can reserve for private scheduled events or to practice their skills with friends and competitors. We will also have classroom tents and will facilitate reservations and scheduling for anyone willing to run a class.

We’ve been lucky enough to have many of the same volunteers step up to help to make this bridging event a reality.

Merchant Guide

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Paid Online Registration Deadline: June 21, 2021 at 11:59pm

Online registration may be extended if we get sufficient numbers to support Armistice.

Mail-in Registration Form

Important Links

Armistice Codified Rules and Policies Site Rules
Armistice Land Office
Armistice University
Merchant Office
Storage Office
Contribute to Armistice

What is Armistice?

This is not an SCA event. Unfortunately, Pennsic registration cannot transfer over to Armistice. You can request a refund for Pennsic 49 _________ if you wish. If you do not request a refund then your Pennsic 49 registration will be rolled over to Pennsic 2022 automatically.

People with RV camping reservations for Pennsic 49 will be given priority to reserve an RV spot for Armistice. Additional RV camping spots will become available closer to the event. If you would like to be informed when new sites are available email prereg@cooperslake to sign up for the waitlist. If you have a Pennsic 49 RV reservation then email prereg@cooperslake to coordinate getting an RV spot for Armistice.

We won’t be able to accommodate large battles for Armistice. List fields, archery range, and thrown weapon range will be available to sign out.

Tents will be made available for classrooms.

We are following recommended PA health code and CDC recommendations for gatherings. We’ll be updating our rules as the health department releases information.

We will release more information of how check-in will look as we see how many people to expect and health department guidelines change.

If you want to camp in your usual place then we’ll have the entire facility open for camping. If you want to try camping at a different site then this is your chance. Land designation will happen at Landgrab. We will have more detail of what to expect at landgrab as population and health department guidelines change.

Pennsic Land seniority will not be affected by Armistice. You do not have to worry about losing your traditional Pennsic site if you can’t attend Armistice.

Merchants interested in Armistice should contact the merchant office for additional information. Merchant fees can be transferred to Armistice.

Parking will be the same areas.

Onsite EMS will still be available.

Important Dates

Registration Begins
Registration Ends (Mail-in - Unpaid)
Registration Ends (Online - Paid)
Registration Ends (Online - Unpaid)
Armistice Begins
Armistice Ends
Troll Opens
Troll Closes
Refund Request Ends
RV Camping Registration Ends
Armistice Trailer Early Placement Sign-up Ends

Storage Trailer Movement

There is a fee for us to move your trailer. This fee covers moving your trailer down and back.

War Room request fee: $20